Fried D and a lot of fear

Hey everyone,

This is Gundivar and welcome to the second installment of my blog.

It is going to be a quick one today, you can expect a full “Paladin with a mission” episode by the end of this week.

So. Why did it take me so long to write a new blog and why isn’t it the promised “Paladin with a mission” installment. That’s pretty simple actually. My computer fried.

Friday evening after dinner i was getting ready to log on and start World or Warcraft to finish the westfall, loch modan, bloodmyst isle and darkshore. I sat down behind my pc and pressed the button to start up. The computer starts booting but it was very slow. I shut it down and started it back up thinking it was just a little glitch. After doing that for a few times and starting up in safe mode I eventually decided to let it take it’s time starting up and see what happened. By this time I was fearing the worst, fried RAM or Fried Graphics card. I was very agitated about the situation as I really didn’t want to invest to heavily in the computer at this time because it was still more the preforming like it supposed to.

I have to apologize to my wife as I was really annoyed that evening and not great company.

So eventually the computer started up windows entirely and I began looking for the exact problem. I began to notice that while it did recognize my D: drive as being there everything that was on that particular drive did not work. Sad to say that besides my OS and office that is pretty much everything. So there was the diagnosis my D: Drive fried completely. The tension lightened a little bit as repairing that meant an expense of 120 euros more or less instead of the anticipated 300 to 500 euros. I went from nearly 3TB storage space to less than 300GB.

I did reinstall World of Warcraft on my C: drive and after downloading and setting up my add-ons again I was good to go once more.

So there you have it the reason my blog fell silent for several days.

I hope I see you guys next time for the next episode of “Paladin with a mission”

And remember

“It’s only a game”


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