Paladin with a Mission: Episode 1 Elwynn Forest

Hello guys,

This is Gundivar and welcome to the first episode in my new series “Paladin with a mission”
Before we kick it off I got a few things to say.
First things I’m changing the idea about my mission. It’s not a very great difference but I decided to split it up. It has been pointed out to me that it might get boring very fast if I did it all on one character, so I decided to do it on 2 characters.
Meet Gundivar: Human paladin he’ll be doing the eastern kingdoms and Borean Tundra.
Meet Mirandus: N-Elf Druid He’ll be doing Kalimdor and Howling Fjord

The other thing I want to do is thank a few players from the Blizzard forums.
Mainly I thank Gráinne , Crystalpick, Dridzt and dlui.
Gráinne is the one that made me aware of a nice add-on called Multishot and also the one that suggested doing the mission on 2 separate characters as it would become very dull very fast. So thanks for that.
Crystalpick is the one that made Gráinne aware of the multishot addon and therefor made me aware as well.
Dridzt and Dlui are the creators of the Multishot add on.

So What is multishot?
Multishot is an addon that automatically takes screenshots from every memorable event, like leveling up, achievements to first kills. You can set it up very easily to ignore certain events and to capture others.
Here is the download link for those interested.
Sadly I didn’t have multishot for the first 29 levels and so I do not have many screenshots from my way through Elwynn forrest, Westfall, Loch Modan and all the earlier dungeons. But starting now I have everything.

Now on to the first episode of “A paladin with a mission”

A little recap of the mission I set before me.
1)Explore every zone and do all the quests
2)Get loremaster during leveling
3)Catch all pets in every zone I come in
4)Visit every dungeon once to get achievements and some gear
5)Level up archaeology and Fishing as I progress through the zones
6)Visit all old content in order they were released starting with Molten Core

Elwynn forest.

Gundivar is a human paladin, he was born from the coming together of a keyboard and a human with a mind for an epic quest.
When he dropped from the sky and landed quiet gently in front of the abbey in Northshire it was pretty obvious that something had happened to the once colorful and fertile land.
Apparently the aftermath of the cataclysm had opened a path down from Burning steps and let through a horde of Orcs. The orcs had driven out the Defias who had been plaguing the land before the orcs. They burned down the vineyards and were now pressing on to the abbey. But the defenders of Northshire and soldiers from Stormwind held on. It was apparent that something needed to be done. Gundivar arranged his UI, picked up his hammer and set about driving the orcs back and help reclaim the vineyards. When he dispatched the Orc leader with a mighty swing of his wooden mallet he went back to the abbey and was regarded as a hero and given a place in the Stormwind militia by Marshal McBride. Gundivar left Northshire and headed straight for the town of Goldshire.

He arrived in Goldshire and instantly noticed there were a lot of people like him in the town. Lots of heroes were hanging around outside the inn. “With so many heroes in these parts of the woods evil doesn’t stand a chance” thought Gundivar. But as soon as he approached the center of town he heard they spoke a strange language and had some very weird customs. He heard them yelling things like “LULZ” and “PWNED”, it were words that Gundivar never heard off. There were always people throwing down flags in front of Gundivar’s feet as he tried to make his way to Marshal Dughan. When he stepped over the flags people would get angry and start calling him “NUB” and “Chicken”. But Gundivar would not be deterred from his quest to liberate Elwynn forest and warning Goldshire from the battle of Northshire.

In Goldshire Gundivar prepared to help out with some problems in southern farms and mines but as that would take him in the forest for a while he decided to prepare for his journey first.
He would need to be able to eat so he decided to go to Tomas the chef from Lion’s pride inn and ask him how to best prepare some good meals with nothing but a camp fire. The cheft learned him some tricks and he suggested Gundivar that it would also be good to learn fishing as there is nothing so sweet as a nicely cooked self caught fish.
So Gundivar went to Lee Brown near his Cabin next to the lake and learned all about fishing and bought a fishing rod to take with him on his journeys.
Next he decided that he might have to kill some animals in order to survive and eat in the forest and he didn’t want anything to go to waste so after asking around in town he found his way to Lien Farner. She learned him all about skinning dead beasts and animals and she mentioned also a nice trick about how to extract magical essence from magic items that were off no use to Gundivar and by doing that saving him space in his backpack.
The last stop Gundivar made was to Marcus Jensen to learn about pets and get himself some company for the road ahead.

Gundivar travelled around Elwynn Forest helping everyone on it’s way while skinning dead animals, battling his new pets against other pets, catching the ones he didn’t have yet and fishing to cook his meals. He helped out the southern farms and help deal with a problem of two lovers from 2 different feuding families. He raided a mine overrun with Kobolds and taking their candles needed for a potion. He helped out the Eastvale Logging company with their bear, wolf and murloc troubles while unmasking a secret ploy to steal the gold from the goldmines. He then turned to the west as he heard that Westbrook Garrison had a problem with ever increasing Gnoll activity in the region. When he arrived he set about the gnolls with such fury as they had never seen before. He fought through their camps and finally reached a gnoll named “HOGGER”. Gundivar challenged him to single combat and a mighty battle ensued. They traded blow after blow and none wanted to give up any ground to the other. Finally Gundivar called upon the light and with one mighty light imbued swing he knocked Hogger to it’s knees and Hogger surrendered. Finally the Cavalry arrived and took Hogger into custody and dragged him off to the Stormwind stockades together with more of his gnoll friends. That was surely the last we’ll ever hear from Hogger. When he reached Westbrook Garrison again word came to Gundivar from trouble in Dun Morogh and the dwarves needed aid.


Gundivar set off towards Stormwind with his backpack full of skins. He sold them all on the auction house and got some nice extra add-ons for his backpack. He opened a bank account stored all his stuff and set off towards the Deeprun Tram heading for Ironforge.

That was the story for today people.
I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I’ll see you again next time.

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“It’s just a game”


Fried D and a lot of fear

Hey everyone,

This is Gundivar and welcome to the second installment of my blog.

It is going to be a quick one today, you can expect a full “Paladin with a mission” episode by the end of this week.

So. Why did it take me so long to write a new blog and why isn’t it the promised “Paladin with a mission” installment. That’s pretty simple actually. My computer fried.

Friday evening after dinner i was getting ready to log on and start World or Warcraft to finish the westfall, loch modan, bloodmyst isle and darkshore. I sat down behind my pc and pressed the button to start up. The computer starts booting but it was very slow. I shut it down and started it back up thinking it was just a little glitch. After doing that for a few times and starting up in safe mode I eventually decided to let it take it’s time starting up and see what happened. By this time I was fearing the worst, fried RAM or Fried Graphics card. I was very agitated about the situation as I really didn’t want to invest to heavily in the computer at this time because it was still more the preforming like it supposed to.

I have to apologize to my wife as I was really annoyed that evening and not great company.

So eventually the computer started up windows entirely and I began looking for the exact problem. I began to notice that while it did recognize my D: drive as being there everything that was on that particular drive did not work. Sad to say that besides my OS and office that is pretty much everything. So there was the diagnosis my D: Drive fried completely. The tension lightened a little bit as repairing that meant an expense of 120 euros more or less instead of the anticipated 300 to 500 euros. I went from nearly 3TB storage space to less than 300GB.

I did reinstall World of Warcraft on my C: drive and after downloading and setting up my add-ons again I was good to go once more.

So there you have it the reason my blog fell silent for several days.

I hope I see you guys next time for the next episode of “Paladin with a mission”

And remember

“It’s only a game”

A new blogger sees the Light

Welcome to my new blog channel.

My name is Gundivar and I will be your host for this completely new blog starting today.

Who am I an what can you expect on my blog.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a 31 year old man though some would argue that I’m still a boy, mainly my wife though, and I’m from the wonderful land of beer and chocolate called Belgium. I am a gamer for a very long time, I’ve been gaming since I was 6 years old. I started playing computer games when I was 12. Seeing that I’ve been playing this long you would expect that I’m a pretty good gamer as I had a lot of practice but you would be wrong. I started out playing “Lotus” that was the very first game I played followed by LHX. That is if you do not count “Breakout” on my dad’s apple at the age of 5. Since then I’ve mostly been playing MMO’s and I have played World of Warcraft on and off since 2005. The first class I ever played was a gnome mage but he didn’t last very long. Mainly I’ve been playing tanks (warrior) and healers (Priest). I’ve also been very active in Lord of the rings Online as a Captain and SWTOR as a Combat medic. So you can see I’m usually playing a support class of some sorts.

What other games do I play besides MMORPGS.

I do play Warthunder but with the recent changes to the simulator battles I’ve given up on playing that. I have a very large garage in World of Tanks and I’m a closed beta tester in World of warships.

What else do I do besides gaming?

I graduated as a nurse and I work for a company that deals with prevention and safety in the work environment. Besides that I’m active as a volunteer EMT with the Belgian Red Cross.

So what can you expect from me in this blog?

The main reason I started this blog is me coming back to WoW with a special mission. I decided to come back to WoW, ditch all my lvl 90 characters (I did not delete them) and start over completely new on a new server without heirlooms, no money, no bags and no guild to fall back on. I will also occasionally be blogging about some other gaming or world news but the main point will be the “Paladin with a Mission” series.

My mission:

Start out with nothing and get the “loremaster” Achievement while leveling, revisit old raid instances once I’m lvl 100 and gather all sets of armor from the old content raids. I am in no rush to reach 100 I wanna enjoy the content as I do it and not just race past. I will be reading quest texts to get a better idea of what is going on in the world of Azeroth. I will be doing this mostly solo but should I come across like minded people I will off course not turn them down and maybe even be starting a guild just for this reason. I decided on the server Killrog-EU as it has a nice big Alliance population on a PVE server. I will be playing a paladin and going for the retribution main spec (getting out of my support comfort zone) and a protection off spec (For those tough encounters or later solo raids that require more survivability)

So that was my first post. You got to know me a bit and I stated my mission and Ideas. I hope you enjoy the stories I’m about to write. Leave a comment below if you like.

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See you next time and always remember “It’s just a game”